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ALL SALADS — $6.50 BEEF SALAD Grilled flanked beef, mint, cilantro, lettuce leaf, shallot, cucumber, with spicy lime dressing, topped with crispy egg noodle. NOODLE HEAD ‘S SALAD ( vegetarian) Crispy egg noodle, broiled egg, onions, Beans, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, fried tofu,and bean sprout topped with spicy-siracha peanut sauce. SHIITAKE -UDON SOUP ( vegan) Japanese [...]

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Noodle Soups

NOODLE SOUPS — $6.50 1. SEN LEK TOM YUM**: Small rice noodles, minced and sliced pork in spicy milky Tom Yum soup, ground peanuts, onions, garlic, with crispy wontons. 2. PHO’: Small fresh rice noodles, flanked beef and meatballs with basil, bean sprouts in beef broth. 3. FIVE SPICE UDON: Japanese noodles with five spice [...]

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Noodle Plates

NOODLE PLATES $6.50 8. CRISPY PAD THAI: Golden fried egg noodle with chicken or tofu and world famous signature Pad Thai sauce, egg, bean sprouts, and green onions topped with ground peanuts. 9. SPAGHETTI WITH TOMATO SAUCE:  Spaghetti noodles with homemade tomato sauce. (Add meatballs for $1) 10. SEN LEK HANG*: Fresh rice noodles with [...]

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Rice Bowls

RICE BOWLS — $6.50   All dishes served with Jasmine rice (Brown rice available for add’l $.50) 15. NAM PIK ONK: Ground pork, tomatoes, onions, chilli, simmered with vegetables. 16. BBQ PORK: Grilled, marinated pork loin, steamed broccoli and vegetables served with Thai chilli fish sauce. 17. PAD KA POW*: Stir fried ground pork, fresh [...]

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Side Dishes

MEATBALLS (5) $3: Homemade marinated meatballs with basil tomato sauce. DUMPLINGS (6) $3: Steamed vegetable dumplings with soy-ginger sauce GRILLED PORK OR BEEF SKEWERS (5) $3: Grilled pork or beef on bamboo stick. Served with     homemade spicy tamarind sauce SHUMAI (6) $5: Homemade stuffed pork & shrimp dumplings, mushroom, water chestnuts with soy-ginger [...]

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The Place

We wanted to create a new and fresh look for a campus restaurant. Simple, functional, friendly and above all clean and inviting. Noodle Head is the first of its kind in Eugene and the very first on University campus, creating the best of Asian cuisine under one roof.

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